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Tests used to measure intelligence the Wechsler Intelligence scale for Children, ( fourth edition ), WISC-IV and the Standford Binet fifth edition (SB5).

By measuring a person's IQ we can develop an expectation of where their reading, spelling, math etc. skills should be at.

These areas are subsequently measured on either the Wechsler Individual attainment test ( WIAT II ) or the Woodcock Johnson 3 ( WJ-3). The nature of errors, discrepancy between performance and expectation and otaher observations ( by parents, teachers and the psychologist ) are then interpreted alongside the person's IQ score. If these abilities don't "fit" then the child might be diagnosed with a specific learning difficulty, ( also known as dyslexia ), Specific difficulties in the area of math are known as Dyscalculia.


I assess children from 2yrs to adulthood.

Top Reasons That Parents Request Assessment...

*Discrepancy between performance and perceived ability

*Child is becoming disheartened and disengaged by progress

*Inconsistent ability

*Struggling with homework

*Struggling with concentration

*Struggling with organization

*Family history of Dyslexia

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...his session with you was a real turning point and gave us a road map to get things back on track for him at school...
...parent of dyslexic Leaving Cert. Student