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Tests used to assess Adult learning ability include the Wechsler Adult Intelligence Scale ( WAIS - IV ) or the Standard Binet 5.

Results from this give a learning profile and suggest where the person is most probably scoring on the literacy / numeracy tests. The tests used for this include either the Wechsler Individual Attainment test ( WIAT - 11 ) or the Woodcock Johnson III. If performance on these tests is significantly lower than expected, ( in light of the person's leraning profile ), then it might be determined that they have a specific learning difficulty of a Dyslexic nature

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Reasons Adults seek assessment

* Sitting Exams ( Leaving Certificate or College )

* Thinking of returning to Education

* Have become aware through their child's experience

* Finally want to understand their struggle with literacy

* Feel they have hit a "glass ceiling" at work


























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